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Teamwork makes the dream work

Realize your dream

Teamwork makes the dream work
Crowdfunders United brings ambitious people with the same passion, together. You can do much more when you’re united. By combining forces, you can make dreams come true. All members of our network have a dream that they want to realise. Their competences are fully used and utilized. Successes will be shared, for inspiration. Which leads towards knowledge and a higher level of interaction between members.

Hard work pays off
There is no legal way to make some easy money. If you work hard enough, you will naturally see results. We focus on self-development and creating relationships.

Who does good, meet good
By motivating people and making them believe in themselves again, we can ensure a motivational extra step that helps people achieve much more than they think possible. We also motivate them to help others. If you always do good things for other people, you can expect good things back.

Our network

Crowdfunders United offers a network where…

… people help each other towards the next level.
… focus on motivating and the development of people.
… you can be occupied with your passion.
… you can spar with hugely ambitious people.
… you continue to develop yourself.
… you can taste stories of success.
… you’ll get a contagious drive.

Determine your own future
The future depends on your decision. Do you want to realize your dreams? You’ll have to work hard for it. Always believe in yourself. Without confidence in your own abilities, you will not succeed. Believe in yourself, dare to dream, work hard and never give up!

What are your dreams?

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Crowdfunders United project

Finance project

Greetings, my name is Francis and I have big plans for the future. I’m planning to invest in real estate or company shares. Saving money is only costing money these days; I want to see some yield. Investing money is only attractive when we’re talking about a big sum. That’s why I’m trying to partner-up through my project.

Crowdfunders United project

Spare-time project

Hello fellow Crowdfunders! My name is Mike and I have a wish: giving my son a chance to become a top athlete. His name is Youri and he is the biggest sport talent of our family. He practices the sports of motocross, an expensive sport one must say. That’s why I’m starting this project. I really hope we’re going to reach our goal!

Crowdfunders United Project

Education project

My eldest daughter, Michelle, is the smartest child of our family. Her teachers told us she could do great thing with the right schooling and guidance. That’s why we’re planning on sending her to college in the United States. A big step for us moneywise and also personal. But it’s the best step for our daughter and we want to give her that opportunity. To make sure we’re able to pay for her plane ticket, tuition, rent and daily supplies we’ve started saving. Through this project we’re trying to fund a large part of her journey.

Crowdfunders United project

Health project

My name is Fred. I’ve always taken my luxurious life for granted. When I’m coming down with a flu I’ll just go see a doctor. When my throat is sore I’ll just walk into the local drugstore to find something to ease the pain. Lately it’s been nibbling on my mind, not everyone has this luxury. It’s time for a change! The funding I receive through this project will be solely used for development aid.

Crowdfunders United

Charity project

My whole life I’ve been busy with charity work. Even as a little child I collected money for charity. Helping the less fortunate gives me an enormous feeling of satisfaction. My goal is to start an enormous project, the more money I can gather the better and themore I’m able to help the less fortunate. I’m curious how much I can raise through Crowdfunders United. Can I count on you? – Marius

Crowdfunders United

Family project

I’m part of gigantic and very close family. We’re always having fun with each other. Soon I’ll be 50 and I’m hoping to celebrate it with the whole family. Doing so will cost me a lot of money. I don’t want to be that person that asks everybody to bring their own food and beverages. It’s supposed to be the feast of the year. Through this project I’m hoping to achieve just that. – Mart

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